All working as one.

It takes many roles to create low-priced, well-designed products that improve your life at home. What will be yours?

Warehouse & Customer Fulfillment

Find effective and efficient ways of getting goods from suppliers to customers in the most direct and cost-effective way, and with the least harm to the environment. Support every area of our US business:  Retail Stores, Customer Fulfillment (CFF) Centers, and Offices. Join our logistics and warehouse teams.

Search warehouse & CFF opportunities. Search warehouse & CFF opportunities.
Customer service Customer service

Customer service

Perfect for answer-finders and problem-solvers who love connecting with people. Assist our visitors at an information desk or children’s play area. Help them during returns, checkouts, and exchanges or at one of IKEA’s contact centers. Help us create a positive IKEA experience.

Search customer service opportunities. Search customer service opportunities.
Customer service
Restaurant & food Restaurant & food Restaurant & food

Restaurant & food

Give our visitors a Swedish experience in our restaurants, bistros, and Swedish food shops. Whether it’s with a tasty plate of Swedish meatballs or a quick chat in the dining area, our food co-workers give customers yet another reason to come back to IKEA. Live your passion for food and service.

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